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Terms & conditions


I declare that the details recorded above are correct and that I am responsible for any
traffic infringement that may occur during any assessment/lesson(s). I state that, to the best
of my knowledge and belief, I am legally entitled to drive and that I am not disqualified from
holding or obtaining a driver licence, and that my driver licence is not suspended, cancelled or
If a vehicle I provide is used to complete the in-car session(s) then, while the tutor will
endeavour to take all necessary professional care, I understand that responsibility for any
damage sustained to/by the vehicle or any third party rests solely with me. I acknowledge and
agree that neither the tutor nor a company the tutor may contract to will be responsible for
vehicle damage sustained in assessment/lessons. I accept it is my responsibility to get
insurance for a car I provide.
I agree to accept material from The Driving academy - Hamilton or its affiliates from time to time. Information might be related to driving, insurance
or financial education. You can change or unsubscribe at anytime by clicking unsubscribe in

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